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Ken - owner of "Reflective Finish Auto Spa"

An automotive enthusiast by heart and an auto-detailer by profession – Ken takes pride in what he does for his clients. He started “Reflective Finish Auto Spa” back in 2019, though that’s not when Ken first detailed a car. Be it his friends’ cars or his own show cars, Ken enjoyed detailing the big toys and eventually converted his hobby into a full-time business.

Given the incredible passion for car detailing and the intent to emerge as the best, the results which Ken brought for his clients were remarkable. Consequently, a big bunch of his initial clients became the word of mouth for one of Deltona’s most trusted and effective detailing points – “Reflective Finish Auto Spa“.

We continue to be a family owned and operated detailing business. Rest assured, your vehicle will be treated by Ken as if it were his while he works on it with a very high attention to detail. Apart from regular detailing services, we also excel at ceramic coating and multi-step paint correction.

We make sure to use products and equipment of the highest quality based on market standards. Our primary service locations include Volusia county, Deltona and Seminole county.

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